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The following Web site links provide additional information on Fatherhood and helping children and teens:

Father's Inc. is dedicated to strengthening the community and family infrastructure by encouraging and enabling the positive involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. We will do this by increasing awareness among fathers of their responsibilities and impact through community collaborations, providing support services, training, and assistance to fathers in need of sustenance and direction. For more information, visit their Web site.

 Motivateyourkid.com is the hassle-free way to motivate your child / to better performance in school and life!

Dynamic Vision is a full service site for fathers to succeed. It provides coaching services, articles, assessments, a newsletter, discussion board, and much more.

The Institute for Youth Development - IYD is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes a comprehensive risk avoidance message to youth for five harmful risk behaviors that are inextricably linked: alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco and violence. IYD believes that children and teens, provided with consistent and sound messages, are capable of making positive choices to avoid these risk behaviors altogether, especially if they are empowered by strong parent and family connections.

 The National Center for Fathering - This Web site provides resources for dads that are: new, of pre-school and school-age children, teens, empty-nesters, and grandfathers. These resources include books, tapes, and small-group curricula which address nearly every situation.

 National Fatherhood Initiative - This organization was founded in 1994 to lead a society-wide movement to confront the problem of father absence.

 Dads & Daughters – The mission of this Web site is to inspire, understand and support your daughter. You can take an on-line Dad-Q test and sign up for a free Dad’s Newsletter.

 Dads Empowered – Provides workshops and links to fatherhood oriented Web sites.

 Fatherhood Project – Offers a “fatherhood kit comprised of videos and materials stressing both father involvement, and improving communications with mothers.

 Leadership U – What’s a Dad? Contains articles and research about fatherhood.

 Child & Family Today – Canada – Father’s Today. Tips on being a better father.

The Necessary Father --There's a crisis facing our national family: How to make room for Dad.

 Children’s Health - Conference Call #7: The Role of Fathers in Promoting Healthy Development.

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