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Realizing the Power of Love

Our book, "Realizing the Power of Love," How a father and teenage daughter became best friends...and how you can too! was a finalist in the "Best Books 2004" Award Contest.

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Book Reviews

"The authors have created more than just a guide for Fathers and Daughters. They have created a very powerful guide to creating strong relationships within families - Tracy Lyn Moland, author of the bestselling book, "Mom Management, Managing Mom Before Everybody Else."

"Essentially, this is NOT a friendship based upon equality, but rather, it is a friendship that is required to help your daughter mature into a well-adjusted young adult." This quote, I felt truly summed up the power of the ideas in "Realizing the Power of Love." V. Michael and Jennifer have created more than a guide for Fathers and Daughters - They have created a very powerful guide to creating strong relationships within families.

Their many ideas, suggestions, anecdotes and activities provide their readers with the tools necessary to create and nurture powerful family relationships. With the family as the backbone of society, a strong family structure supports everyone to success in the rest of their lives.

Tracy Lyn Moland is a life and time management expert. Her bestselling book, Mom Management, Managing Mom Before Everybody Else supports the idea of personal strength as a tool to creating family strength. Visit her Web site at

In an era of entrenched cynicism, "Realizing the Power of Love" is a breath of fresh air - Christine Louise Hohlbaum, award-winning writer and author of the world-renowned Diary of a Mother.

Realizing the Power of Love: How a Father and Teenage Daughter Became Best Friends...and How You Can Too! by the father-daughter writing team V. Michael Santoro and Jennifer Santoro offers its readers a roadmap for an important family dynamic: the relationship between fathers and daugthers.

Instead of having a fear-based conversation, the authors suggest helpful alternatives to the typical “Because I said so!” statements we exasperated parents use to silence our children. Narrated from the perspective of one hard-working father, the book acts as an intimate investigation into a specific relationship between father and daughter.

While their story may not apply to every person’s situation, I felt drawn to the narrative for its empowering simplicity. ‘Speak to your teen as an adult’ resonated throughout the book. Offer guidelines, not a strict codex that only a military could enforce. Recognize your child’s ability to handle things. Allow your child to make mistakes while acting as his or her safety net. It may be easier said, or written, than done, but the gentle reminder gives the reader a renewed perspective on a potentially troublesome area in parents’ lives. Raising teens today is not easy, the authors admit. They survived the teen years with a lot of communication, some arguments, and a whole lot of trust. In an era of entrenched cynicism, Realizing the Power of Love is a breath of fresh air.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, American-born book reviewer, award-winning writer and author of the world-renowned Diary of a Mother, lives near Munich, Germany with her husband and two children. Visit her Web site at for a taste of her empowering writings on parenting, living abroad, and the power of a bunny sticker at the end of your nose.

Suzanne Persons, Ph.D., LMHC. Dr. Person's practice specializes in father-daughter relationships.

Dear Mr. Santoro and Ms. Santoro, Thank you for the read of your book. I enjoyed reading your account through the real years of your daughter's growing up how the two of you found your way to becoming 'best friends'. Your book offers through real life examples and suggested activities a very readable account of how a father and daughter can create a reliable, resilient, and rewarding relationship.

This is a book worth reading for fathers who want a relationship with their daughters and for daughters who want a relationship with the man who is their father.

Good luck with the book and if I might be of further assistance in addition to this book review, please do not hesitate to be in touch. Sincerely, Suzanne Persons, Ph.D., LMHC. Dr. Person's practice specializes in father-daughter relationships.

Book Review: Reader's Feedback

R. Coleman, former Dallas Cowboys Outside Linebacker
In addition to being one of the most useful books that I've read in a while, I found your book to be very personal and encouraging. Although my 14 year old daughter and I get along for the most part, there has been a "wall" between us. We sensed it but didn't understand it or know what to do. We are following your guidelines and have begun to work on the trust in our relationship. We can both feel that we are starting to make progress and we are working together to become closer. Thank's for helping us to get started on our new friendship.

D. Polzella, Huntersville, NC
My wife bought me a copy of your book. To be honest, I don't usually like self-help books. We have a younger daughter, so I figured it wouldn't help me for a few years. But, I figured that I would flip through it. I was amazed at how much I was relating to what you were saying. I thought, “He’s a lot like me." It was an easy read and your step by step approach make it easy to do. I am now using it so by the time my daughter is a teen, we will already be best friends. I figure it may mean less gray hair by then. :) Thanks.

D. Jenings, Wolcott, CT
I initially bought your book for my brother as a gift for Father’s Day. He has a teenage daughter. I am a single mother with a teenage son. I didn’t expect your book would do much for us. Well, when it arrived, I was curious and started scanning the chapters. The next thing I knew, I was reading it thinking, “Hey, this makes sense.” Even my son liked it. He said, as he read it, that he felt like he knew your daughter. We are now using it and we actually look forward to spending more time together. I was pleasantly surprised that your book can actually help mothers and sons as well. In fact, I kept it. But I did buy another copy for my brother. What makes your book special is that I felt like you were talking to me as a friend. Thank you so much.

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"How a father became one of his teenage daughter's best friends," appeared in the Tampa Tribune, Auburndale Sun, Hernando Today, Jupiter Courier, Stuart News, Port St. Lucy News, Fort Pierce Tribune, and the Press Journal in Vero Beach.


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