For Fathers and Daughters Who Want a Better Relationship – But Can’t Seem to Get Started

From: V. Michael Santoro
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
Re: Fathers and Daughters can be best friends

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Dear friend,

Sometimes it feels like relating to our daughters is harder than trying to nail Jell-O to a tree! This is especially true with our preteen and teenage daughters. It is amazing how she can transition over night from “daddy’s little girl” into a case of “raging hormones.” Dealing with the mood swings and ultra-sensitivity can be a true test of your patience.

It’s not that you don’t love or care about your daughter. What’s difficult is not knowing what to do to protect her, and feeling helpless when you are not reaching her. Also, at the same time, she wants to exhibit more independence. Then when you try to exert more influence to protect her, which she views as control -- not love and caring -- deepens the alienation and increases the stress. This can cause you to feel a wall building between you and your daughter. However, most fathers and daughters do not know what to do to get through these barriers.

I’m willing to bet that you’re a good father, work hard and want to have a better relationship with your daughter. She probably feels the same way. The problem is that you’re not sure what to do or how to get started. Just being told that you need to communicate better is not enough. That statement usually raises more questions than offers any help. Relationships between fathers and daughters is special but a constant challenge.

If you are experiencing these challenges, then you need to know about our approach that makes it remarkably easy to become best friends with your daughter.

"Realizing the Power of Love" is written to help fathers and daughters build trust and a better relationship through improving their communication and problem solving skills. While our focus is dads and daughters, the information we provide is written to help families with teenagers.

What critics are saying about our book “Realizing the Power of Love”

Dr. Suzanne Persons, Ph.D., LMHC (Specializes in counseling for fathers and daughters)
Your book offers through real life examples and suggested activities a very readable account of how fathers and daughters can create a reliable, resilient, and rewarding relationship. This is a book worth reading for fathers who want a relationship with their daughters and for daughters who want a relationship with the man who is their father.

Judine Slaughter, Book Reviewer,
V. Michael Santoro and Jennifer Santoro do a fantastic job by working together to assist other families build better relationships. It's great to hear from both generations about developing a true friendship. Although he started early on the relationship with his daughter, it's never too late to begin applying the techniques of good communication with your child. I recommend, "Realizing the Power of Love" for all parents and children, no matter which gender.

Rosalind Brackenbury, Book Reviewer,
For those of us of my generation whose fathers either ignored us or could not bring themselves to utter anything except criticism throughout our teenage years, this book will prove an astonishment. This book will make men reflect on the fathering they had and the fathering they are able to do. It will remind women of their own fathers and what, in spite of their conditioning as men, they were still able to show them as love. I'm so glad that Michael and Jennifer hung in there and stayed the course, showing us what their relationship looks like, reminding men that they can change their conditioning, offering their daughters a model of what it's like to feel the equal of Dad.

Advice to Fathers: Learn How to Become a Better Dad

How to Wake Up the Dad inside You

You have the desire. Now all you need is the secret to making your daughter trust you. “Realizing the Power of Love” provides the ten steps for developing a better relationship between fathers and daughters. Do you want your daughter to proactively come to you for help BEFORE she acts - without fear and because she values your advice?

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll achieve and how much happier your daughter will feel knowing she has your complete support and respect. Our book allows fathers and daughters to develop a win-win relationship while enjoying the journey.

What sets our book apart is that it has been co-authored by a real life father and daughter, and uses a practical building block approach to learning. You will discover how to improve your communication and problem solving skills and apply them to your relationships. You will also learn how to break down any barriers to a better relationship. “Realizing the Power of Love” is written for fathers and daughters with busy schedules who need to see fast results for their efforts. Also, our book was a finalist in the "Best Books 2004" Award Contest.

If you have difficulty getting started, we provide a “hit the ground running” step-by-step approach that teaches you how to build trust, and ultimately develop a true friendship with your daughter.

To help you transition from your “father” role to your “dad” role, our book shows you how to modify the communication and problem solving skills that you use at work for use with your daughter.

Yes, you can become best friends with your daughter

With our book, you will discover:
  • How to identify your personal values and learn how they can positively and negatively influence your communication style

  • The ten ways of how to become "best friends" with your daughter while still retaining parental control

  • The no-lose way to develop a win-win relationship with your daughter

  • How to listen to your daughter, so she will proactively discuss important topics with you BEFORE acting

  • How to ask penetrating questions without appearing to be interrogating your daughter

  • The four topics that you should AVOID discussing with your daughter

  • The 25 statements and questions you should also AVOID using when talking to your daughter – especially when you’re angry

  • How to discuss difficult topics such as sex and drugs without stuttering, blushing or getting tongue-tied

  • The “Ten Commandments” for solving emotionally charged problems. Following this approach will help you to assist your daughter in gaining control and proactively solving her problems - rather than reacting emotionally and possibly getting hurt

  • What to do if you and your daughter cannot agree on a solution

  • How to encourage your daughter to follow her dreams, while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground without “raining on her parade"

  • How to teach boys to treat girls equally, even if they are different

  • How to act in public when you are together and live to tell about it

  • What to do if your daughter disobeys a direct order

  • How to proactively interact with your daughter through the 14 provided fun activities designed to help you become best friends

  • And much much more…

With our book, your daughter will discover how to:
  • Be taken more seriously and gain more of your trust

  • View you as part of her solution, as opposed to part of her problem

  • Handle talking to you about difficult topics such as sex and drugs without being afraid or embarrassed

  • Avoid saying hurtful things and what to say instead

  • Pro-actively solve her problems with your help

  • Understand the importance of trust and how it relates to her desire for more freedom and independence

What readers are saying about “Realizing the Power of Love”

R. Coleman, former Dallas Cowboys Outside Linebacker
In addition to being one of the most useful books that I've read in a while, I found your book to be very personal and encouraging. Although my 14-year-old daughter and I get along for the most part, there has been a "wall" between us. We sensed it but didn't understand it or know what to do. We are following your dads and daughters guidelines and have begun to work on the trust in our relationship. We can both feel that we are starting to make progress and we are working together to become closer. Thanks for helping us to get started on our new fathers and daughters friendship. I highly recommend your book for other fathers and daughters.

D. Polzella, Huntersville, NC
My wife bought me a copy of your fathers and daughters book. To be honest, I don't usually like self-help books. We have a younger daughter, so I figured it wouldn't help me for a few years. But, I figured that I would flip through it. I was amazed at how much I was relating to what you were saying. I thought, “He’s a lot like me." It was an easy read and your step-by-step approach made it easy to do. I am now using it so by the time my daughter is a teen, we will already be best friends. I figure it may mean less gray hair by then. :) Thanks.

D. Jenings, Wolcott, CT
I initially bought your fathers and daughters book for my brother as a gift for Father’s Day. He has a teenage daughter. I am a single mother with a teenage son. I didn’t expect your fathers and daughters book would do much for us. Well, when it arrived, I was curious and started scanning the chapters. The next thing I knew, I was reading it thinking, “Hey, this makes sense.” Even my son liked it. He said, as he read it, that he felt like he knew your daughter. We are now using your fathers and daughters book and we actually look forward to spending more time together. I was pleasantly surprised that your book can actually help mothers and sons as well. In fact, I kept it. But I did buy another copy for my brother. What makes your fathers and daughters book special is that I felt like you were talking to me as a friend. Thank you so much.

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V. Michael Santoro
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